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already seemed likely that great quantifies of
our young men were to be asked to cripple and
risk their lives for its sake. I showed that it was
still a very incompletely realised aspiration, that
its complete development involved socialism
and a level of education and information
attained as yet by no community in the world.
Mr Streit gives a looser, more rhetorical statement
a more idealistic statement, shall we say?
of his conception of democracy, the sort of state-
ment that would be considered wildly exagger-
ated even if it was war propaganda, and though
unhappily it is remote from any achieved reality,
he proceeds without further enquiry as if it were
a description of existing realities in what he calls
the ** democracies " of the world. In them he
imagines he finds " government of the people,
by the people, for the people **.
In the book I have already cited I discuss
What is Democracy ? and Where is Democracy ?
I do my best there to bring Mr Streit down to the
harsh and difficult facts of the case. I will go
now a little more into particulars in my examina-
tion of his project.
His " founder democracies " are to be : " The
American Union, the British Commonwealth
(specifically the United Kingdom, the Federal
Dominion of Canada, the Commonwealth of